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Waterboy Fox Livestock Pumps

Waterboy Classic Livestock Pumps

Waterboy FJ Livestock Pumps






Livestock Winter Watering

Waterboy Solar has many more winter watering options available.  
For more information, please call 780-886-4328 or email

Pasture Pipelines

Waterboy Solar excels at designing pasture pipelines run by solar pumps.
Pasture pipelines improve pasture utilization by over 30% and facilitate rotational grazing.
Call 780-886-4328 to get your pasture pipeline designed.
Grants up to 80% of cost are available.

Portable Livestock Waterers

Waterboy FOX, Classic and FJ systems are highly mobile.  Set up and/or take down can be a 10 minute job.  Please call for
We also offer portable trough / water system units of many styles.
For more information, please call 780-886-4328 or email

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